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Kallampally Easwaran Nampoothiri Ex. Sabarimala Melsanthi Sabarimala Temple

All the pujas will be performed under the supervision of Ex-Sabarimala Melsanthi Sri. Kallampally Easwaran Nampoothiri and other Vedic and Thanthrik Priests. All the pujas will be performed at the Ancient Kallampally Illam, Champakulam, which has a very rich heritage and belongs to the lineage of Adi Shankara’s Malayala Brahmins.

We hope this would serve as a blessing to many devotees, situated anywhere in the world to avail of this personal puja religious service. The bookings for the different pujas will be taken and performed on the requested dates, and family members or relatives or friends of the puja sponsors are welcome to attend the pujas at Champakulam Kallampally Illam. Further details of the pujas, and their expenses will be confirmed upon email/telephone contact.

Ayyappa Puja
The presiding diety of Shani Graha is Lord Ayyappa, hence to remove the illeffects and bestow peace and prosperity, the Shani dosha Pariharam is especially powerful in appeasing and to beget the blessings. The following pujas are specially performed in the name of the devotees and their families, who are sponsoring them. These are:
Ashtabhisekam (on Utsava Vigraham)
Stuti Gitangal

Bhagawathy Seva
Bhagawathy seva is done for obtaining the Blessings of Devi for removal of obstacles, gaining success and prosperity.

Performing special pujas for the individual Navagrahas, that includes Navagraha homams to remove the ill effects of different planets based on horoscope.

Performance of Vidyaranjhi puja enhances memory power, concentration, achieve academic success, removes fear of failure, instills self confidence and blesses one with the inner strength to succeed. This also removes the BudhaMoudtiyam or the illeffect of the Budha Graha on the individual at the time of birth.

Sarpa Bali is the worship of important fifty five Sarapas to ward off the bad effects of sarpadosha to help mitigate and eradicate the problems of skin diseases and similar afflictions. It also blesses people in search of life partners to get suitable spouses, to prevent late marriages, to have progeny (Putra Bhagyam) and for overall prosperity and well being of all. Sarpa dosha may be present due to harm done to snakes and other reptiles in the previous births and due to other causes. Sarpa dosha is recognized when all the other grahas in one’s horoscope lie between Raahu to Ketu, called KalaSarpa dosham.

Temple Thanthrika Pujas
Performing all the complete Khestra Acharams according to the Thanthrika vidhi.

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